teklifalteklifver.com is a B2B (Business to Business) digital platform where companies can bid according to their field of activity and receive offers or purchases according to their purchasing needs after becoming a member with a tax number.

Companies can become members of teklifalteklifver.com on condition that they declare their tax office and tax number information in the membership form.

The company that is a member selects the categories for which it wants to receive quotation requests by marking its fields of activity from the user panel. These marked categories must be compatible with the company's field of activity. If a mark is made by the company outside of its field of activity, categories that do not match the field of activity marked by the company are removed by the category managers in order to prevent abuse of the platform. Companies can use the platform to both receive and place offers by creating a single user account.

Companies can create all the proposal requests they need while receiving offers. It can easily create a request for quotation by marking which country, city and for which products the proposal requests it creates are requested. He can evaluate the offer that is suitable for him from the offers and score the company he has given the job at the end of the job.

When making offers, companies can quickly bid on the request for bids according to their field of activity. You can contact the company that created the request for quotation.

The user who becomes the first member for a company will become a “company main user”. If different people from the same company want to become a member, they must contact the main user.

The main user can register any number of company employees as users from the My Employees area in the My Panel section.

If the company wants the main user account to be assigned to another company user, the current main user must request this from the platform administrators via info@teklifalteklifver.com.

We recommend that the company master user be the company owner or company managers, as the master user account will have more privileges.

It is recommended to use a corporate e-mail account when signing up.

There are two different membership statuses on the teklifalteklifver.com platform, Standard and Premium.

Users who are new members of the platform start their activities as standard members. In order to discover the benefits of the platform, new members are given 3 months of free Premium membership. The main user, who becomes the first member, benefits from the free Premium membership right on behalf of a company. In addition, other users added by the main user can also benefit from the same free Premium membership right until the free Premium subscription right of the main user expires.

Users whose 3-month free Premium trial period has expired can continue to use the platform as a standard member or, if they wish, can continue their Premium membership for a fee.

Standard membership is completely free, and users with standard membership status can create as many bid requests and purchase as they want in line with their needs.

Users with premium membership status can create as many requests for proposals as they want in line with their needs, as well as view and submit all proposal requests suitable for their field of activity. Company main membership in premium status (including 1 main user account) is charged as 365 USD + VAT per year. For each user to be added by the main user of the company, an annual fee of 24 USD + VAT is made.

Payments will be made via the teklifalteklifver.com website by credit card.

Although there are many technological and digital opportunities today, there are no healthy platforms that unite the supplier and the employer in the B2B market. In general, employers and suppliers are compelled to trade with the same companies within the framework of their habits.

There are 2 main reasons for this situation.

1) inaccessibility and unavailability
2) trust issues

teklifalteklifver.com eliminates both problems.

But how?

First: With the categories created based on the sector, system and product, the employer can easily and quickly reach as many suppliers as they want.

Second: Employers who create a request for quotation through teklifalteklifver.com can score their supplier at the end of the job. Thanks to the scores, employers can see the scores of the suppliers and choose suppliers accordingly. In addition, suppliers strive to carry out their work meticulously in order not to receive negative comments at the end of the work.

Suppliers or employers are not only limited to Turkey, they can reach employers or suppliers in many parts of the world.