We have seen that B2B trade between companies continues with traditional methods behind the rapidly changing and digitalizing world. There are many problems, such as the inability of employers and suppliers to reach each other in B2B trade, which should be at the forefront of digitalization, and poor quality in the overall trade.

As a result of a business plan and categorization studies that lasted for two years to eliminate these problems and to develop international trade, we started our journey in 2022 to become a platform where everyone will win.

We aimed to make trade very easy, swift, and very effective in many products, systems and service areas such as Investor, Foreign Trade, Architecture, Project Planning, Contracting, Consultancy, Construction, Electricity, Mechanics, Machinery, Medical, Raw Materials, Information systems, Automotive, Service industry, and Consulting.

Do not spend your precious time in front of the computer or on the phone to call customers and suppliers or collect offers during the time that flows like water. teklifalteklifver.com will take care of this for you..

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